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Joint Ventures and Partnerships

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Successful collaboration is our goal.

AGIC provides acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships. Development of new or existing properties can be a daunting, costly and complex undertaking. AGIC can help help you mitigate the risk of development by partnering with you at all stages of the process. Our experience covers all phases of real estate development, including planing, funding, development and sales. We offer a unique combination of legal and regulatory practice, technical knowledge and hands on development experience, to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

Entitlement services

One option we may consider is advancing the costs to entitle your project and offer entitlement services as part of your team on a deal-by-deal contractual basis. Depending on the desired use for a property, obtaining the correct approvals for the right to develop can be complex and expensive. AGIC have the expertise to insure the approval of the required zoning rights and licenses based on the property’s jurisdiction, use and size.


At AGIC we have over 30 years of property investment experience in Florida. We can provide assistance in your efforts to obtain funding for your current or future development projects. We accept opportunities that align with our investment guidelines and areas of expertise. AGIC can also help in the securing of alternative outside funding for both new and existing properties, commercial or residential.

Construction management

AGIC offers complete synergies between legal and engineering services. We provide a complete end-to-end solution, including scheduling and overseeing work, permit compliance, management, and design services. We are uniquely suited for the complexities of time-sensitive development projects. As the engineer of record for our projects, we are able to streamline the amendment process and make immediate field based decisions without the complexity of involving a second consultant. Since the principal of AGIC is an attorney, we are also able to streamline the resolution of any contractual, lean, regulatory, or other related issues which may arise.

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