James M. Vernon


We provide creative solutions for real-world design challenges

Our expertise in civil engineering in the Tampa Bay area uniquely qualifies us for solving challenges relating to land and site planning, water management district permitting, local government permitting, utility infrastructure, alternative fuels consulting, manufacturing processes, and the other technical knowledge required for any development project.

In combination with our legal licenses, our engineering expertise provides our clients unparallelled support in dealing with complexities around issues of entitlements, permit acquisition, commercial and community planning, and site/building planing.

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We are hands on and not afraid to get dirty. No project can be completed on time or within budget without onsite direction and a quick response as needed to perform inspections, analyze problems and make necessary field decisions.

Areas of Engineering Practice

  • Land Planning
    • Land use optimization
    • Traffic patterns and flow planning
    • Visibility, and building orientation
    • Density planning
  • Site Planning
    • Storm water Retention Design
    • Commercial development design
    • Subdivision layout and design
    • Road way design
    • Utility specifications
    • Redevelopment planing

  • Wetlands services
    • Wetland litigation
    • Wetland recovery
    • Wetland delineation
  • Inspection Services
    • Construction certifications
    • Site inspections
    • Building inspections
    • Water management compliance compliance
  • Recurring Permits certifications
    • Water management districts (retention ponds)
    • Site inspections
    • Building Inspections

Tampa Bay Area County and City Development Codes